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The Acronym “ChiMitHen”, came from the first three letter of my names; Chinedu, Mitchell and Henry. I have a saying about life and many whom i have ever had encounter with knows it is a key note to what I do in life:


As a younger man, lost in the terrain of life, I ventured into anything and everything that makes me appear like I know what I am doing but with maturity comes an important virtue; Control.

The ability to set a limit to your actionable ability, makes you a greater person in time.

I give one great regards to my parents, they fought to get me through private educations even as high as college but it happens I was not in sync with our present education system. I never could fathom the idea of sitting behind a desk for days, holding massive information in storage and downloading it all on the examination day.

I will never forget the words of my Professor Onukwube who analysed the unique advantage of two characteristics required by students to pass their examinations: Igwebuike and Ikeotuonye.

I always believe success was a personal thing based on what the educational system thought me, but today in life, I realised that no tree can actually make a forest by itself; no man is an island.

In my quest for business and making money, I was adamant on the fact that my schooling was my limiting factor, a necessary time-waster, that was my term for it. With time my Mom made me realize how much smarter I had gotten with more tutorials.

My first experience with reading was in a tutorial class, where the teacher played an old recorded audio version of himself reading aloud one of our required books. I fell in love with audio books from that day hence.

My Mom was my ardent teacher in my desire to read more books daily than an average kid should. She buys beautiful colored imaged books with short stories that tells you about life in little funny ways.

Having dropped out of the university after an intense 6 years of my Biochemistry course, I simply choose a different carreer path with no limitations to my person or ability. I was excellent with numbers, wonderful with logics and the first time I sat behind a computer screen, I know I will like to discover this box further. The problem was, I was still in my year 1 and doing a total different course.

I soon ventured into business to make money, but I realised I had a vision larger than that. I did made money but I was not in the there and now of that moment. I kept envisioning a world away from my world, restlessness soon set in and business became a bore.

In the nearest time, I took a trip to Malaysia, seeking to finally graduate in the world of computer mathematics. It took me less than 6 months to realize that living abroad comes with its challenges and none was cheap.

Dropped off college again after my first year due to lack of fund, started a series of odd jobs to keep food on my table and shelter over my head, yet made every move to stay online seeking the needed information to be computer literate.

In my 2nd year of stay, I became a known web developer in my close circle of friends, no sooner was my advice needed in purchasing a sound computer (laptop or desktop). It grew so much that whenever there is a network issue in their homes, I am called to check It out first before any recommendation for the ISP engineers comes in.

In no time, I had a stock pile of needed software, my hard disk had no space for nothing else. In 2013, I received a phone call to an interview for my first official job, I was made an IT Executive, a position I had no idea what it meant.

In no time I was doing the function of a network administrator, managing and coordinating all IP based gadgets against the challenge of the dark net. These includes surveillance cameras (CCTV), SIP (VOIP) phones, company standard desktops, laptops and Tablets for the research and development teams.

No sooner were the task of website development placed on my shoulders, which came along with company email management via CPANEL. It was a mind blowing experience.

I soon setup a secure Linux based sever to manage all file resources shared by company computers, this limited viral attack on the server, while maintaining files availability always from networked printers, scanners and fax.

The love for the Linux world expose me to newer things we can accomplish in this day and age, but I soon had to leave my abode of massive knowledge acquisition to my country Nigeria.

In 2018, Nigeria still lacks the use of growing technologies to achieve our purpose. I see a wide difference in our perspective towards information technology and the fact that the internet world is believed to be used for negative effect unlike its massive positive impact.

If you seek a change in the world you live and don’t find it, it is mandatory you be that change.

In this regard, I have set up a way for companies to seek assistance in strengthening their office networks as well as their intranet facilities. It will take a good device to keep your network from crashing soon. Invest in high quality devices for better configuration and easy distribution.

Don’t be limited to old ideas, newer ones makes the older ones appear too difficult, just hold on to the principles of the old.

I will be taking strides in taking our younger generation into a world of computers where income and knowledge has a close proximity.

Education is the best gift you can leave in this generation, but not classroom education, that was meant for the slaves by their slave masters.

Self education will take you places, make you see the world from the right perspective and expose you to another world not limited by your environment.

Finally, to make success your key, you must seek most importantly, financial aptitude.

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